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In Chandler, a nut whisk, fruit from 1 to 4, thin bark, slightly rough, oval, variety.

It is easy to separate from the shell. It can be used as dry and fresh walnut. In the same ecology, it blooms a week after Bilecik and 3 weeks after the diversity of Yalova. This is a species that can withstand spring frosts in the regions before the passage. The output in buds is 85-90%. Very effective. The coefficient of internal whiteness is 90-100%. The average strength is growing. It develops semi-vertically. It is not affected by a bacterial burn, because it is a late leaf.

-Fruit weight = 13 g
-Internal weight = 6.5.7 g
-Internal rate = 49-52%
-Oil ratio = 70%
-Protein = 23%
-Pollinator = Frankett



"The story we started with walnut seed is a legacy that will remain for you and your grandchildren. "