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LARA - This is a walnut with a high yield of side branches. Due to its French origin, it is pollinated by French fernet and walnut types of franquetta. In addition to the fact that it is one of the suitable types of walnut for areas with high altitude, it has high yields. The fruits are very high in the lateral branches. At the age of 5 years 10 per 1 ton, 8-9 years from 4 to 5 tons of walnut, can give 13 grams of dry shell, without shell 6-7 grams of the weight of the fruit. From 45% to 50% of the crop between them. Walnut Lara can be planted over 1000 heights and higher heights. Lara walnut, which is recommended to be planted on the south side on the slopes of a hill or a slope, gives higher yields than walnuts on the northern slopes.



"The story we started with walnut seed is a legacy that will remain for you and your grandchildren. "